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5 ways to reduce stress this holiday

It's the week of Hanukkah and Christmas! The famous Christmas song continues to proclaim, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." but for many, it's also the most stressful time of year.

This year much more than in years past, health is on the minds of many. If you're concerned about getting RSV or the flu, the FLCCC has a wonderful prevention protocol here. (And also, here are my favorite supplements for building immunity during this time!)

It's no exaggeration to assume that stress is at an all time high. But, we know that stress can lead to poor health, so it's important to try to reduce stress as much as possible. Here are some ways to reduce stress this holiday.

1. Take your vitamins.

It's especially important to make sure your vitamin D levels are where they should be. One of the big risk factors for the virus was lower levels of this important vitamin. The FLCCC has a guide for where your levels should be here! Other important vitamins include vitamin C and B vitamins.

2. Rest.

Though time seems scarce, rest is such an important part of health and recovery. When we're not getting good sleep, our body suffers greatly! Limiting screen time and television can help us in this goal, especially if we have other activities and holiday parties we don't want to miss. Naps are a great way to get much needed rest in if our sleep has been less than ideal, so long as they aren't too long.

3. Take time for reflection.

During this time of year, we may feel like we have to do everything and be everywhere. But it's also an important time for meditation and reflection. There is a reason for the season, and we shouldn't be so busy we miss out on the peace and joy that come with it. Meditation and prayer have been proven to have many health benefits.

4. Set boundaries with your energy and time.

With my battle experiencing the long version of the virus this year, I had to say no -- a lot. I missed important gatherings and other things because I was just too sick to go.

Though I'm back to a normal level of activity now, the lesson has stuck with me not to overextend myself. I'd much rather be pickier about the extra things I'm doing to avoid crashing later at the expense of my health. Our lives are healthy when they have a natural ebb and flow -- not when we are pushing ourselves to the max all the time.

Dr. Henry Cloud is one of my favorite people to follow for his work on boundaries. He also has a great book by the same name that I've found invaluable.

5. Do something that rejuvenates you.

One of my newest favorite pastimes has become lifting weights. Due to this, I lost 25 pounds since my all time high weight in April! Not only do I feel great after lifting, but I so enjoy the added benefit of my clothes being looser and knowing I'm doing my part to prevent osteoporosis.

But another thing that rejuvenates me is working on this blog. I love health, and I love helping others with their health. I hope to do much more of that in the new year!

What rejuvenates you? Is it reading a good book? Spending time with a friend, or having a bit of peace and quiet? I hope that whatever it is, you can make time for that this season, even if its swapping child care with a fellow mom or missing some things because other things are more important.

So as we move into this week, my hope for you is that you can find moments to feel at peace and at rest, balancing all that has to get done with all that needs to get done -- and one of those needs for each of us is being as healthy as we can.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! May you stay well during this holiday season.

-Charis, AFPA certified health coach

P.S. If you haven't downloaded my eBook for how I healed from Long Haul Covid, there's an updated copy here! Also, I'm offering a free bottle of super turmeric with the purchase of two through the end of the year. You'll also be entered to win some special goodies through Christmas! See more info here.



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