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3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation related to our health is at an all-time high. There are many reasons for this, including our diets, toxins in our environment, and stress.

But there are also major hidden roots that most doctors aren’t trained to look for that cause major inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation not only causes symptoms such as aches and pains, but it can cause anxiety, depression, brain fog, gut issues, and more. (For example, did you know sufferers of fibromyalgia, MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s could actually be dealing with Lyme?)

As I searched for answers in my long Covid recovery journey, I learned about many different things that upon further investigation, make a ton of sense as to why they contribute to or even cause inflammation. But, they may surprise you, especially since they are not addressed in the traditional insurance-based medical system. Here are three of the biggest ones. 

  1. Dental infections

If you have mercury fillings, you might already know that it’s very important to get them removed safely, and to do a mercury detox with a skilled doctor or naturopath. 

But what about other procedures? “Root canals and wisdom tooth removal procedures are safe.” Right?? Not so fast! 

Since the root of the tooth has died, our body can’t give us any pain signals if there is an infection in a root canal tooth or the gum where our wisdom tooth once was. 

But the truth is, these kinds of dental issues have a HUGE impact on our health. And they are very common.They could be causing systemic inflammation, and we would not know it! 

For more on this, plus how to address these issues, please watch the movie Root Cause, and check out the book AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life by Dr. Simon Yu. 

(You can also join this group to learn more about dental infections.)

2. Mold

As I was recovering from long Covid, I went to my naturopath and she did some bioenergetic testing on me, which is my favorite part of the visit. It can pick up things the body is dealing with to be able to figure out what supplements would be helpful.

Mold showed up, and so she connected me with a mold expert who came out to test our house. Our air quality wasn’t amazing, but he couldn’t find any mold, so he left. 

The next time I went to my naturopath, mold showed up again. We called out the mold expert a second time, and he checked our HVAC system. He came back to us with a puppy-like look on this face, and said “I am so sorry you guys. I thought we checked your HVAC system last time, but we did not. You have mold in your HVAC system!” 

Thankfully, our insurance covered the solution minus our deductible, and we installed a plenum without insulation, as well as a 5-inch air filter. 

The likelihood that someone may be dealing with mold, especially in an older house, and especially in the steamy south, is especially high. Though it is expensive to remedy, some people can become completely debilitated by mold. My friend who lives nearby had a fish tank built into the wall of her home causing an insane amount of mold.

Remedying this issue involves air quality testing, removing the source of the mold, and installing new HVAC components, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers for healthy, clean air. 

I could not believe that I was feeling better from long Covid BEFORE we discovered the mold. It is amazing what the body can handle once layers of toxins and inflammation are removed! 

3. Parasites

This is a tough one for many to believe. But, to me, when I think about how we have to give our canine companions heartworm medication every month, it isn’t so far fetched. Why, when we know we can’t wash every microbe off of our food do we think we don’t have them?!

Seeing was believing for me when my mom did a Cell Core full moon cleanse. I will not post the pictures here, but if you do a simple search for “parasites cleaning”on the internet, you will procure your own evidence. (Basically, this little songstress had a very valid hypothesis!) 

Parasites not only come from our food, especially undercooked or uncooked food like sushi, but of course insect bites and generally the food that we eat. 

(Speaking of parasites, if you dare to go down the rabbit hole of researching the origins of Lyme, this book has some very interesting information. But, we’ll leave that discussion for another day!) 

The idea of parasites and small microbes being so connected to inflammation is so strong that one practitioner I met says 90% of his patients cancel their hip replacement surgeries after addressing microbes and parasites. Wow! (As an aside, boron can also help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, especially since our soil is deficient.) 

I’m not sure why these three causes of inflammation are not more discussed or widely-known, but I suspect it has something to do with all the reasons why we spend so much money on healthcare, and we have some of the poorest outcomes compared to the rest of the world. This must change.

To address parasites, check out Cell Core, and please reach out to me with any questions using the chat. To order, use practitioner code G1QHyqIA (Case sensitive, check for any spaces)

Another source: Emotional trauma 

I won’t go into too much detail here, but emotional trauma is a big one in terms of getting over a chronic illness that has emotional and spiritual roots. If you need more help in this area, I highly recommend visiting a Healing Rooms ministry near you, Be In Health, or my friend Marjorie Whitley who can do one-on-one prayer sessions. (Note that these are Christian ministries.)

If you need help getting to the root of your inflammation, please reach out to schedule a health coaching session. I would love to help you feel your very best! 

An Additional Cause of Inflammation

Many people are concerned about having taken the recent vaccine. If you are concerned, I would recommend checking out the FLCCC’s protocol here

Also, two supplements I think are amazing for that issue and to specifically support the blood vessel cells include lumbrokinase and turmeric. The turmeric I use is up to 277 times more absorbable using patented extraction and delivery process. See more info here

If this article was helpful, please share! You can support what we are doing here AND get a discount on your supplements by checking out Fullscript. Drop me a note here with what you need and I can send you a first-order discount of up to 35%.



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