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Introducing the Resilient Body Transformation Program: Reclaim Your Health and Shed

 Pounds After Long-Haul COVID


Are you tired of feeling trapped in a body that doesn't reflect the vibrant, energetic person you once were? Do you yearn to regain your strength, vitality, and confidence after battling long-haul COVID? Look no further! The Resilient Body Transformation Program is here to guide you on a remarkable journey of reclaiming your health and shedding those stubborn pounds.


Imagine waking up each morning, feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the day. Picture yourself stepping on the scale and witnessing the numbers drop week after week, as you shed unwanted pounds. With our program, this dream can become your reality.

"The heaviest I had ever been"

weight loss 1.jpg

Long Covid sufferer Charis found herself trapped in her body when she weighed the most she ever had in her entire life. No matter what she did, she could not lose the weight she put on during her battle with long haul Covid. 

After her full recovery from long haul Covid, she was determined to get in the best shape of her life. With the proper diet and exercise, she was able to reach her high school weight and become lean and toned! Now, as a certified health coach, she wants to show others how to do the same.

"Lost 40 pounds and got to my high school weight!"

With this course, we will show you, step-by-step:

  • How true, lasting weight loss is attained, and how to keep the weight off

  • How to simplify meal prep and save time and money

  • How to avoid being hungry AND burn fat at the same time!

  • How to accomplish your goals WITHOUT medication or hormone therapy

  • How to adopt healthy habits and enjoy life without feeling limited

What this program is NOT:

  • A "get slim quick scheme" with the latest caffeinated weight loss drug or unproven therapy that can cause long-term damage to your health

  • A plan requiring hormone replacement therapy or other expensive medications in order to see results

  • A surfacy program that does not give you a full understanding of how to shred pounds and kick unwanted fat to the curb, especially with regard to long Covid

Who this plan is for:

  • Those who want the TRUE STORY of what it REALLY takes to lose weight and keep it off for good

  • Those who are willing to put in a little work to reclaim their vibrant selves

  • Those who have the guts and grit to be committed to their long-term success

  • Those who are ready to take action 

Designed With You In Mind


What makes the Resilient Body Transformation Program unique is its tailored approach to those recovering from long-haul Covid. We understand that the journey to weight loss and overall well-being after such a challenging experience requires a compassionate and specialized approach. This program has been carefully crafted and designed specifically for individuals like you.

Reclaim Your Best Self

training-828726_1280 copy.jpg

What you'll receive as a part of this program:

  • An in-depth masterclass that shows you the science behind metabolism, plus everything you need to know to lose the weight and keep it off for good


  • A complete strength training plan you can do from the comfort of home!

  • Daily printable checklists to track your progress​

  • BONUS: Fun foods you can eat that will make weight loss more enjoyable! ($49 value) 

Experience the joy of reclaiming your health and achieving your weight loss goals. Our Resilient Body Transformation Course can help you regain your strength, vitality, and confidence. It's time!


Don't let long-haul Covid or unwanted pounds define you any longer. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by joining the Resilient Body Transformation Program today. Embrace the power of resilience and witness the incredible transformation that awaits you.


Sign up now and embark on a journey of healing, weight loss, and self-discovery. Together, we'll help you create a future filled with vitality and well-being.


Reclaim your health and shed those unwanted pounds.


The resilient, confident you is just a click away!

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