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20 Supplements That Could Help with Anxiety

Does anxiety keep you from living normally and doing things you love?


Your body could be trying
to tell you something!

Anxiety can be debilitating. Take it from my husband Justin and I — we've each been there! 

But the good news is, there ARE ways to conquer anxiety for good — naturally. 

As a certified health coach, I've studied this topic in-depth, especially having lived it myself.


Anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are health issues and imbalances that conventional medicine often does not test for. 

Though that might be scary to consider, the best part about it is, KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE. Many times, the cause of anxiety can be treated! 


And there are many natural things that can help — without the need for strong pharmaceutical medications. (Don't get me wrong though, I'm in favor of them if they are truly needed!)


The fact is, anxiety is likely your body trying to tell you something important that needs to be resolved with your health — much like the check engine light on your car. 


SO MANY people are taking pharmaceuticals for anxiety when they could be dealing with something under the hood of their health engine that needs to be addressed. 

"I felt like I was dying."

My husband and I have both had intense struggles with anxiety and panic. SO many times our body's fight or flight mechanisms turned on for what seemed like no reason and we felt like we were dying.


But what we didn't know was there were REAL physiological reasons why we felt the way we did.


At different times, we each had difficulty:

  • doing normal things

  • driving in traffic

  • going to social events

  • waiting in line

  • going to the grocery store

  • hanging out with friends and family

And it was so crippling to live that way.


"Promise me you'll get help." 

I remember once we were scheduled to go on a trip for my birthday and my poor husband crumbled into an emotional mess as he tried to pack. I thought, "We can’t do this, he is suffering too much!"


I canceled the trip and we lost our money. All $1,600 of it.

Though I was disappointed I was very concerned about Justin. "Promise me you'll get help," I said. 

"You're not crazy."

After going through extensive testing, we realized we weren’t crazy and it wasn’t all in our heads. Though we each had different reasons for our anxiety, the results were the same!

Justin went through his health journey before I did, and when I went through my own journey, I finally understood what he experienced.

"So this is how you felt? This is absolutely awful!" 

I felt so terribly that I pushed him at times to "just get over it." 

The truth is, that kind of thinking is not going to help anyone. ESPECIALLY if they are dealing with an underlying health issue. 

If you're dealing with anxiety, I want you to know you are not crazy, and you are not alone! 

Living Life Normally Again


After several years and lots of trial and error, I'm so pleased to say that we are both recovered from our underlying health issues that were causing our anxiety and panic symptoms. 


I've developed a course with everything we learned on our journeys to help people suffering from anxiety, and we want to help anyone struggling! 

In this video course, you’ll discover:


  • The root causes of health-related anxiety

  • How to test for things doctors typically won’t check for

  • Natural solutions to anxiety that don’t require prescription medication (and often have strong side effects)

  • Strategies to lessen anxiety you can use TODAY

Anxiety can be completely crippling, but there ARE solutions.


Register for this eCourse to discover what you can do to lessen or completely eliminate anxiety!

money back guarantee.png

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you register for this course and you do not learn anything that helps you to reduce anxiety in your life, we will send you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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