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Shop for Nanofy or Cucurmin Plus

Click the link below to order Nanofy or Cucurmin Plus! The only difference between the two is that Cucurmin Plus also includes Ginger and Vitamin C.

Synbiofy is a high-quality probiotic that works in conjunction with Nanofy for better absorption and gut health.

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Ordering instructions

We've been in Mexico for the past five years, so the order site defaults to Spanish.

1. Click the USA flag.

2. Click the "Nanofy" product on the bottom left.

3. Click either Curcuma Plus BioMS for $60 or Nanofy BioMS Technology for $50.

Once you've placed an order, please note that the the order system is still being worked on, so you may not receive an order confirmation. Please reach out to us at for your order number and tracking number. Orders typically ship within 1 business day.

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