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Lingering Effects From the Vaccine? Here are 21 Supplements That Could Help

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The idea of vaccine injury might be taboo in some circles, but the truth is many people have experienced slight or debilitating effects after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. An organization called React-19 is working to spread awareness about vaccine injury, as well as advocate for financial support for those suffering.

Three-time North American Enduro Mountain Bike Champion Kyle Warner shared his story about vaccine injury and has been outspoken about his experience in order to help others who have experienced vaccine injury. Watch his story here.

A friend of mine immediately had a reaction after she received her Covid-19 vaccine, and has only just now been well enough to work over 2 years later. She initially had neuropathy. POTS, anxiety, muscle twitching, heart pounding without much exertion and other symptoms. We stayed in touch and compared notes about our recovery journeys, as I was suffering from long Covid, and she was suffering from post-vaccine injury.

She went to many different doctors trying to resolve her symptoms and tried everything including low dose naltrexone, gabapentin, a beta blocker, therazyme, ketotifen, hydroxychloroquine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ivermectin, Equiscope, ozone therapy, a statin and nicotine patches.

Of course, a nutrient-dense, low inflammation diet is important when it comes to overall health, but there are many supplements that can help the body to recuperate from ill-effects from the vaccine. Here is a list of some supplements, but note this is not an exhaustive list:

Bonus: Red light therapy (Be sure to look for one with low EMF and no flicker)

Of course, always check with your doctor before adding anything new to your supplement regimen. If you've never taken any supplements, would highly recommend working with a practitioner before starting, especially any detox supplements.

Here are some doctor groups working with vaccine-injured patients:

I am also available for health coaching having recovered from long Covid myself. Please reach out to me here to inquire about scheduling a session!

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My long Covid recovery story was just published in the news! Check it out here.



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